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bitumen ah70 ah90 ah130 ah50

Bitumen AH70 AH90 AH110 AH50

Bitumen AH grade supplier AH70 AH 90 AH130 AH50 We are AH grade bitumen supplier in china since 2006 in bag, drum, flexi and bulk vessel including bitumen AH70 AH90 AH130 AH50 to Qingdao, Shanghai, Tianjin and Dalian ports. Differences of ASTM with Chinese standard? The main items is ductility that in Chinese standard at 15 centigrade […]

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Shortage of bitumen on 2021

The bitumen producer pushed by government to consider their production capacity for domestice market and decrease the export volume as much as they can.So for 2021 bitumen news is almost showing price increasing and for countris that they are importing bitumen from oversease and they have to buy in high price to cover shorateg of market. In Africa

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Bitumen production

The importance of bitumen in our world is growing. Currently, this principal product has more than 250 applications and meets the demands of different industries in terms of waterproofing, sealing, and insulating. More importantly, bitumen is a crucial component of the asphalt in road construction. It is estimated that the current world’s use of bitumen is approximately 102 million

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