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Bitumen production

The importance of bitumen in our world is growing. Currently, this principal product has more than 250 applications and meets the demands of different industries in terms of waterproofing, sealing, and insulating. More importantly, bitumen is a crucial component of the asphalt in road construction.

It is estimated that the current world’s use of bitumen is approximately 102 million tons per year. About 85% of all bitumen around the world is used in the asphalt pavements in roads, airports, parking lots, etc. Bitumen is also used in the construction and manufacturing sectors (10%), water pipes coating, water proofing and sealing materials.

The majority of bitumen across the world is produced by the distillation of crude oil. Another major source of bitumen in the world is natural deposits of bitumen formed more than 360 million years ago. These ancient sources of natural bitumen are now located in various countries, including Canada, Venezuela, and Oman.

Based on the source, bitumen’s physical properties such as consistency, stiffness, viscosity, adhesion, and durability may differ. Therefore, it is crucial to become more familiar with bitumen’s occurrence in nature and bitumen as a byproduct of crude oil.  In