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Dubai paraffin wax for candle

Paraffin wax from Dubai ,UAE

For many decades we are exporting Dubai paraffin wax called candle wax and specialty waxes for many different industries. Due to the large variety of our products, we are able to offer solutions suitable for almost all production processes.

Microcrystalline paraffin waxes

Micro- and microcrystalline paraffin waxes are renown for a broad spectrum of applications. Their use ranges from relatively simple applications to process oriented tailor-made products for state of the art production equipment. Specialties are created for innovative solutions, e. g. as medium for latent heat storage.

Pure paraffin

Dubai paraffin waxes are complex mixtures of many substances. They mainly consist of saturated hydrocarbons. These crude oil derivatives are purified and refined by modern, environmentally friendly technology (e. g. high pressure hydrogenation).  Our wax is free of harmful substances. All highly refined products are constantly monitored by a stringent quality control and are non-toxic. Their environmental properties are characterized by good biodegradability and non-cumulative effects.

We guarantee reliable and smooth processing of our products. In close co-operation with leading machine manufacturers, we fine-tune our paraffin waxes in order to meet the individual demand of manufacturing machines and production lines.

As a result of our considerable experience and our co-operation with specialist suppliers of other raw materials and machinery, we offer extensive guidance on application techniques, either at our company or at a venue of your choice.

Liquid paraffin

Our paraffin wax is in various grade consist of Liquid Paraffin, Residue wax or foots oil,Parffin wax with 0-1% oil content, Paraffin wax with 1-3% oil content, paraffin wax with 3-5% oil content and paraffin wax with higher than 5% oil content.

Paraffin wax in Jebel Ali

Wax is a general term used to refer to the mixture of long-chain lipids forming a protective coating on plant leaves and fruits but also in animals algae, fungi and bacteria. Some waxes are of mineral origin. The various materials named waxes do not form a chemically homogeneous group.

All waxes are water-resistant materials made up of various substances including hydrocarbons (normal or branched alkanes and alkanes) . More commonly, waxes are esters of an alcohol other than glycerol and a long chain acid (wax esters). Wax esters are saponified by hot alkaline solutions and give a fatty acid and an alcohol. Wax is a term for a range of natural or synthetic products. For convenience the range can be divided in :

  • Natural waxes
  • Synthetic waxes
  • Mineral hydrocarbon waxes
  • Petroleum waxes

Paraffin wax grades

  • Paraffin wax with oil content less than 1%.
  • Paraffin wax with 1-3% oil content.
  • Paraffin wax with 3-5% oil content.
  • Liquid Paraffin.
  • Residue wax (foots oil)

Production process of paraffin wax

The present invention relates to a method of producing a paraffin wax used in aqueous dispersion polymerization of tetrafluoroethylene and a method of producing a polytetrafluoroethylene using the resulting paraffin wax. The resulting polytetrafluoroethylene is used for thread seal tape, a binder for fuel cells and so on. A process for the production of white paraffin wax from wax-containing hydrocarbon oils comprising subjecting the wax-containing hydrocarbon oil to a mild catalytic hydrogenation treatment at a temperature of from to 340 C., and a pressure of from 5 to 80 ats., catalyst comprising the oxides of iron, cobalt, and molybdenum incorporated with a support, subjecting the resulting hydrogenated oil to a dewaxing operation and recovering a white wax therefrom requiring no subsequent decolonization treatment.