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Scurea located in UAE,Dubai business bay and manufacturer and supplier of all types of BITUMEN, OXIDIZED BITUMEN, GILSONITE, PRO and PARAFFIN WAX.


The softest grade of bitumen penetration is called 100/120, and the hardest grade of bitumen penetration is called 30/40. Other grades of bitumen penetration are 40/50, 50/70, 60/70, 80/100, and 85/100 VG grade VG10 VG 20 VG 30 and VG 40 PMB and PG also CRMB.


Scurea is a UAE branch of basekim active in Abu Dhabi Sharjah and Dubai involved in manufacturing procurement distribution and export of various grades of oxidized bitumen like bitumen 115/15 85/25 85/40 90/15 75/25 90/40 95/25 95/35 105/15 80/40 110/30 and 135/10 150/5.


Gilsonite or natural asphalt is a hydrocarbon for the mineral known as asphaltum, uintaite, Natural bitumen, mineral tar, mineral pitch, mineral bitumen, bitumen powder, fluid loss control and filtration in drilling mud or asphalt additives.


RPO oil is rubber process oil furfural extract with different viscosity starting RPO 10 and RPO40 using for tyre and rubber production and asphalt modificationa dn bitumen extender oil


Paraffin wax or candle wax has many grade and softening and melting point also oil content.It is including fully refined paraffin wax or semi refined with less tan 0/5% oil contnet 1% and 1-3%

bitumen 60/70 80/100

Gilsonite, bitumen 60/70 80/100, oxidized bitumen 115/15, RPO, WAX

Scurea is manufactuer and supplier of petroleum bitumen (bitumen 40/50, bitumen 60/70 and bitumen 80/100...) and oxidized bitumen (oxidized bitumen 115/15,oxidized bitumen 85/25, oxidized bitumen 95/25 and oxidized bitumen 90/40...) also gilsonite or natural asphalt (inking gilsonite,painting gilsonite,drilling gilsonite,roofing gilsonite and road construction gilsonite) with several branchs in Middle East and Europe is a distinguished Exporter and Supplier of a wide range of oil and petrochemical Products. The company located at DUBAI in UAE. Our product range includes Bitumen,Oxidized bitumen or blown asphalt, Gilsonite or natural asphalt, many type of oxidized bitumen and rubber process oil ( RPO ).



Rubber process oil


Our Product Include

Petroleum products are very versatile materials, which are processed from crude oil and in an oil refinery. Refineries can process petroleum products for a variety of tasks depending on the composition of the crude oil and customer demand.

Barrel of oil

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Drilling Gilsonite powder 200 mesh is used as fluid control loss additives to control API and HTHP drilling. other name of Gilsonite is natural rock asphalt and when mixed with organophilic clays, it is particular grind size and softening point are ideal for reducing whole mud losses to the formation .UAE Gilsonite pulverized is only partially soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons. Liquid Gilsonite ins and other asphaltic type materials penetrate shale pore spaces as a drill bit penetrates a formation. It is assumed that a plastic-flow mechanism will allow the asphaltite to extend into the pores of the shale, thus, reducing fluid loss or mud invasion with a tendency to bond the shale and prevent sloughing. Asphaltite plates out on the bore hole to thereby reduce fluid loss.

UAE bitumen is including all road bitumen grades for paving application as asphalt cement and penetration starting from 10/20 up to 160/220 but specialist on bitumen 40/50, bitumen 60/70, 80/100 and 85/100 which is most consumable Iran bitumen in worldwide market. Iran bitumen is famous quality of bitumen since raw material “vacuum bottom” is very light compare to other countries.

UAE Rubbers process oils are commercially used to produce many products from rubber bands to a toy to the giant tyres for various vehicles as well .Rubber Process Oils mix to help in improving the dispersion of fillers and flow characteristics of the compound during further processing. There are tree type of rubber process oil and we are able to supply both grades aromatic and paraffinic rubber process oils.

UAE waxes are a diverse class of organic compounds that are melt-able solids near ambient temperatures. They include higher alkane and lipids, typically with melting point above about 40 C (104 F), melting to give low viscosity liquids. Waxes are insoluble in water but soluble in organic, non polar solvents. Natural waxes of different types are produced by plants and animals and occur in petroleum .


Product Specifications

Bitumen 10/20 (asphalt)
Bitumen 20/30 (asphalt)
Bitumen 30/40 (asphalt)
Bitumen 40/50 (asphalt)
Bitumen 60/70 (asphalt)
Bitumen 80/100 (asphalt) and Bitumen 100/120 (asphalt) Oxidized bitumen grades:
Oxidized bitumen (oxidsed asphalt)
products Oxidized bitumen 85/25 (blown asphalt)
Oxidized bitumen 90/15 (blown asphalt)
Oxidized bitumen 90/40 (blown asphalt)
Oxidized bitumen 95/25 (blown asphalt)
Oxidized bitumen 115/15 (blown asphalt)
Oxidized bitumen 150/5 (blown asphalt)
Bitumen grades
Furfural extract
Rubber oil
Rubber processing oil
Paraffinic RPO
Aromatic RPO

Rubber process oil
Rubber process oil
Rubber process oil
Gilsonite (natural asphalt)
Drilling Gilsonite Roofing
Gilsonite Inking/Painting
Gilsonite Asphalt/Paving Gilsonite

Gilsonite grades
Paraffin wax with oil content less than 1%.
Paraffin wax with 1-3% oil content.
Paraffin wax with 3-5% oil content.
Liquid Paraffin.
Residue wax (foots oil)
Paraffin wax
Paraffin wax
Paraffin wax

Team work

We have a team of highly qualified and skilled professional which ensures that the quality of the product is par excellence. Our team of quality controllers works diligently to make sure that the products are free from any defect and are able to stand up to the expectations of the clients. Our team remains in constant touch of the clients to understand what they require and to be able to satisfy them with the same.

Scurea team

Quality Assurance

Scurea Quality products

We take pride in offering superior quality products to our valued customers. Our products are manufactured from premium grade raw materials obtained from the most trusted market vendors. We have a fully developed quality control unit, where a team of quality controllers conduct stringent tests to check the flawless nature of the products.